Can’t Add Funds to a PlayStation Wallet (Troubleshooting)

Can’t Add Funds to a PlayStation Wallet (Troubleshooting)

Recently, Sony announced their integration of a feature that would let you deposit real currency to your PlayStation 4 wallet.

However, some gamers couldn’t add money to their wallets.

To resolve the problem with adding funds to your PlayStation wallet, ensure to verify your card details and billing address.

Again, the payment card must be valid, have enough funds, and be registered in a similar locality to your PlayStation store.

Once you put in all this information, click on payment management, withdraw your card, and re-enter the details. 

Besides, you can utilize a prepaid PlayStation voucher or PayPal as an alternative payment method.

Here, we will review why you have difficulty adding money to your PlayStation 4 wallet.

What’s more, we’ll give you troubleshooting and solution to each problem

Let’s get started! 

What Are the Reasons You Can’t Add Funds to Your PS4 Wallet?

Loading funds in your PlayStation might prove futile for several reasons. It’s otherwise known as error E-8210604A

1. Your Card Information Is Invalid

The first and most possible reason your PlayStation 4 wallet deposit isn’t pushing through is entering invalid card details. 

What is the solution to your card information being invalid?

Make sure all the figures on your credit/debit cards and PS card are correct, even the expiry date and the 3-figure security code.

Moreover, it won’t push through if you attempt to deposit over $200.

Try depositing smaller amounts several times to avoid any inconveniences. 

2. Your payment is invalid

The other reason you can’t add funds to your PS4 wallet is that no valid payment is associated with your account.

This could be due to several reasons, like your card may be expired or declined.

Again, it could be a problem with your bank. 

So, check if you have a frozen card or insufficient funds.

You can confirm the payment options and cards accepted online.

That said, if you have a gift card or voucher, it might be inactive or invalid. 

What is the solution to your payment being invalid?

Add another payment method.

Click on settings, account management, then payment methods.

Add a different payment method; either a credit or debit card, PlayStation Store, or PayPal.

If you’re confident your card is okay, remove it from your PS4 account, then register it again.

Visit the payment management panel, unlink the card, and re-register it. 

If you can’t still make deposits, use a voucher or link a PayPal account as an alternative payment method. 

3. Your billing address is wrong

After checking the card details and payment method, it would help if you checked the billing address and name you keyed in.

If there are any special characters, the system may have misread it and sent you an error notification. 

What is the solution to your billing address is wrong?

Avoid using special characters like slash, hyphens asterisks, or apostrophes in the name, apartment number, or address. 

4. Your internet connection is unstable

If your card isn’t the problem, it could be that your internet connection is unreliable and thus can’t support an online transaction.

This could be either Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 

What is the solution to your internet connection being unstable?

It would be best to double-check the internet speed and restart the router by disconnecting it from its power source for approximately 60 seconds. 

5. PS4 Network servers might be down 

There is also a possibility that your internet is not the issue, but the PS4 servers are.

Here, there is nothing much you can do other than wait.

PS4 might have some maintenance projects or problems with its system.

Hence, the server might be down for a short while. 

What is the solution to PS4 network servers might be down?

As previously mentioned, there is nothing much to do in these circumstances.

Wait for some time and attempt depositing funds in your wallet. 

6. Your account might be locked 

If your account is locked, it might be impossible to fund your PS4 wallet.

This could occur if you try to log in unsuccessfully too many times. 

What is the solution to your account might be locked?

This calls for unlocking your account.

  1. Click on Settings, and go to account management.
  2. Search for the Sign-in and Security panel, then visit the Manage Sign-In panel and choose the “forgot password” option.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen to unlock the account. 

7. You Are in a Country Incompatible with the Sony Entertainment Network

If you happen to travel to a different country incompatible with the Sony Entertainment Network, you won’t be able to fund your PS4 wallet. 

What is the solution if you are in a country incompatible with SEN?

You’ll have to utilize a card registered in the same locality as your PS store.

You can as well attempt using a PS voucher or PayPal. 

As promised, these are the seven problems that could make it impossible for you to fund your PS4 wallet, along with a solution for each.

Hopefully, this information will come in handy in solving your PS4 wallet issue. 

If, after trying all these solutions, you still can’t deposit funds in your PS4 wallet, you should contact PlayStation Support for help. 

How Can You Activate Your Wallet on PS4? 

To activate your PS4 wallet, click on settings, then go to account management, then wallet.

Here click on the “enable wallet: option to activate.” 

You’ll get the option of depositing funds to the PS4 wallet by visiting the PS Store and tapping the “Top Up” panel. 

How Can You Add Funds to Your Wallet on PS4?

To deposit money to your PS4 wallet, click on the PlayStation panel and tap “Top Up.”

This will allow you to add money to the wallet by credit or debit card, PS Voucher, or PayPal. 

What to Do if You Can’t Add Funds to PlayStation Wallet with PayPal? 

This payment method is entirely valid, so if it’s not working, there are high chance that your PayPal account could have problems.

Go back to your account to make sure it’s valid and active.

Double-check the account information and type it into your PS4 wallet payment information. 

Lastly, ensure your PayPal account isn’t connected to a different account.

If this doesn’t work, change the wallet information and use your credit or debit card. 

To Summarize: Why I Can’t Add Funds to a PS4 Wallet?

To summarize, here are the seven reasons you can’t add money to your PlayStation 4 Wallet.

  • Your card information is invalid.
  • Your payment method is invalid.
  • Your billing address is wrong.
  • Your internet connection is unstable.
  • The PS4 network servers might be down.
  • Your account might be locked. 
  • You are in a country incompatible with the Sony Entertainment Network.

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