How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

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How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter

Twitter has more than 229 million active users per day.

It is hard to please everyone on Twitter with your views.

People often get offended by your views or comments.

They may block you to stop receiving your tweets.

Many want to know how many people blocked me on Twitter to learn more about our profiles.

Here is how to find out.

How Can You Tell If Someone Blocked You on Twitter?

You can tell if someone blocked you on Twitter by going to the person’s profile.

You will not see posts of the person blocking you.

It is a way to confirm someone is blocking you on Twitter.

You may not see their posts and comments also on the platform.

The Twitter platform may also show you a message “You are blocked. You cannot see the person’s tweets.”

Another way to check if someone blocked you is by tagging them in a comment or photos.

The platform will prevent you from tagging by hiding the person’s name.

You may have to spend a lot of time finding all the people blocking you from Twitter.

How Can You See How Many People Have Blocked You on Twitter?

Most of us like to find an easy way to know how many people blocked me on Twitter.

Some methods are complicated and require the use of expensive software.

We have arranged four free ways to find people blocking you on Twitter.

These are the tested ways because we checked all of these ways before writing this article.

Method 1: Sign out of your Twitter account

When you sign in to an account, you should see more information about a person on Twitter.

If you do not see a person’s Twitter information after logging in, it shows that the person has blocked you.

You can compare the information when logged in or logged out to learn about the blocking status.

You will see the person’s recent activity when you are logged out.

The platform will not show you this information when logged in.

It is a clear indication of a person blocking you.

Method 2: Check who no longer shows up on your Twitter feed

It is one of the easy techniques to help you find when someone blocks you.

You should see tweets and comments from a person regularly on your Twitter feed.

If you observe the tweets and comments from a person suddenly disappear from your Twitter feed, there is a high chance of the person blocking you.

This technique has an issue.

You cannot confirm the person blocking you by looking at your feed only.

It is crucial to use the search technique to finalize the person who blocked you on Twitter.

Method 3: Browse incognito

Some people do not want to log out of their Twitter profile when checking the blocking status.

It is the favorite method for people who want to check several profiles blocking them.

You can open an incognito mode in your browser.

It will allow you to compare the profile side by side.

The incognito tab will show you the profile without logging in.

A simple browser will show you data for the logged-in profile.

Method 4: Use your Twitter search

It is a technique to confirm the blocking status.

You can type in the search bar on the Twitter website to search for the person you suspect.

You will not get any results when you paste the exact name of the profile link.

It is better to use the step-by-step process to confirm the blocking status.

  • You can start the process by going to the website or Twitter app.
  • You need to find the Twitter handle name of the person when you are not logged in.
  • The next step is to log in to the website or app if you have not done it.
  • Pasting this handle or the exact name should give you a result if they have not blocked you.
  • If you do not see the person’s name, location, or other information, they might be blocking you on Twitter.
  • Looking at the message, you are blocked will confirm the blocked status.

Can I Get a List of People Who Have Blocked Me on Twitter?

There is no way to get the list of people blocked you on Twitter.

You can get the number of people blocking you with the Blolook app.

You need to get the app and connect your Twitter profile to the app.

It will scroll through the profiles on Twitter to find the people blocking you.

It will give you the exact number of people blocking you without giving their names.

Once several people block you, it is easy to find profiles with the manual method.

You will know once when you find all the profiles blocking your account.

You can follow these steps to find the number of people blocking you.

  • You can go to the link
  • The website will ask you to log in to the Twitter account on the Blolook website.
  • You need to authorize the Blolook website to allow access to Twitter data.
  • The website will show the number of people blocking you after analyzing your profile.

Can I See Blocked Accounts on Twitter?

There is an option in Settings & Privacy to check the number of people you blocked.

We often forget after blocking someone.

It is hard to keep track of people you blocked without going to this option.

There is no need for apps or software to find the people you blocked on Twitter.

Twitter provides an option to view all the profiles to help you unblock them if you want.

You can use these steps to find the profiles you blocked on Twitter.

  • You can enter the Twitter app or go to the Twitter website to start the process.
  • Clicking the profile picture on the top right side of the page will show the Settings & Privacy option.
  • Once you click the “Blocked accounts” option from the side panel, you will see the blocked accounts.

To Summarize: How Many People Blocked Me on Twitter?

It is hard to find how many people blocked you on Twitter because there is no automatic method to find it.

  • The best you can do is get the number of people blocking you with the Blolook app.
  • You can try to find most people blocking you with the four techniques described in the article.
  • Searching for the exact name or looking at the Twitter handle to see the blocking message will give you a confirmation.

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