How to Block Ads on Hulu? (5 Techniques That Work)

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How to Block Ads on Hulu

Hulu has more than 45.3 million subscribers.

According to Hulu statistics, more than 60% of subscribers watch videos with ads.

It is frustrating to pay $6.99 for the subscription and wait for ads to view your favorite program.

Many ask how to block ads on Hulu to avoid wasting time and prevent frustration.

We will give you all the methods to block ads on the Hulu platform.

Some of these methods are free of cost, while others involve spending money.

Technique 1: Use Adblocker to Block Ads on Hulu

Some of us do not want to pay for the no-ads subscription because we need to pay for it monthly.

Many want to know how to block ads on Hulu with an app. An adblocker can help you with that.

This app offers an extension to block ads on different platforms.

You need to install the adblocker extension to your browser to initiate the ad-blocking process.

You can install it on many browsers because Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and many other browsers support this extension.

Using this method may require some money.

If you do not want to spend money, you can use the methods below to get rid of the ads on Hulu.

How to Block Ads on Hulu
How to Block Ads on Hulu? (5 Techniques That Work)

Technique 2: Upgrade to Hulu Without Ads

It is the easiest method to watch Hulu videos without ads.

Hulu offers different subscriptions.

You can get the basic membership for $6.99 with ads or use the premium membership program.

You can pay $12.99 to Hulu monthly to stop all ads on the platform.

You should also know how Hulu presents TV channels.

Hulu does not have any control over the advertisements on TV channels.

You will see ads when you are watching TV channels.

There is no way to skip it.

You can use simple steps to upgrade your membership.

It is essential to log in to your account before looking for an option to upgrade your membership.

You can navigate different subscription package pages and select the most suitable plan.

The subscription should have Hulu (No Ads) message.

The lowest you may pay to enter this tier is $12.99.

All the other packages with more premium options have higher rates.

Once you change your subscription package, you will get the bill in the coming month.

Technique 3: Open Two Tabs to Skip the Hulu Ads

This method works when you are watching videos on a desktop computer.

You need to open two tabs and play the same video on both tabs.

You can mute video in one tab and allow another to play.

If you see an ad in the video you are playing, you can switch the tab to view the other video.

This method requires fast internet and a desktop.

You cannot play both videos smoothly if you have a slow computer or internet.

Technique 4: Reload the Hulu Program Page

You can use the reload method to save time.

This method does not prevent ads because you will see shorter ads in this method.

It is crucial to decide if you want to use the reload method at the start of the ad to prevent time wastage.

You should see a banner on the screen when an ad plays.

It will give you the time it takes to finish the ad.

You can keep it playing if it is a shorter ad.

You may use this method for longer ads.

Hulu plays ads for 30 seconds to one and a half minutes.

Some ads can run for three minutes.

Once you see a long ad, you can use these steps.

  • Look for the banner with time on the screen. It should be a small banner on the top right or left.
  • If it has a long time on the banner, you can stop the program you are watching.
  • Reloading the browser will give you a shorter ad.
  • You have to repeat this method if you get a long ad again.

It is a tricky method because it does not work every time.

Hulu may give you a longer ad once you reload the page.

You may have to try two times to get the shorter ad.

If you have slow internet, you may have to wait for a long time.

It reduces the usability of this method.

Technique 5: Use Web Filtering to Block Ads on Hulu

Web filtering is a useful way to block ads when they come from a specific webpage.

You are lucky because Hulu gives ads through one link.

You can use the router filtering option to block the ads on Hulu.

Most modern routers have web filtering options to prevent people from seeing blocked content.

You can use this option to your advantage.

Using these steps will help you block Hulu ads.

  • Look for the way to enter the router settings page. The methods can be different for specific routers.
  • You can use the link to enter the setting page in most routers. Some may have a different link.
  • You can find the link from the back side of the router or the manual.
  • The next step is to find the filtering option. It is mainly in the advanced options tab on the settings page.
  • You need to add in the web filtering block.
  • Restarting the router after saving the settings will block the Hulu ads.

You may have to reverse the process if you cannot load the Hulu domain.

They prevent you from viewing content if they find you are blocking the ads with web filtering.

To Summarize: How to Block Ads on Hulu

You do not have to watch long ads when you know how to block them.

Giving extra money is the most convenient way to stop the ads.

You can also use the two tabs and reload methods to save time with more effort.

All of these methods can make your life easy by saving time.

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