How to Fix a PS4 Controller that Keeps Going Up? (SOLVED)

How to Fix a PS4 Controller that Keeps Going Up

Is your PS4 controller going up uncontrollably?

You are not the only one.

Numerous PS4 players have experienced this issue.

It seems that the PS4 controller consistently goes up, and it’s rather challenging to keep it in line, mainly when playing shooter games. 

So, how do you fix it?

To fix it, begin by resetting the console and the PS4 controller. Utilize a USB cable to link to the controller, ensure the software is updated, and dust off the analog stick, along with the controller. If this doesn`t work, you might require substituting the analog stick on the controller. 

Here are eight possible solutions to fix your PS4 controller that keeps going up;

What Causes Your PS4 Controller to Drift Up?

Your PS4 could be drifting because of a handful of reasons.

The first issue could be that your analog sticks are spoilt or worn out.

In this event, you will require to buy new ones. 

Again, it could be an issue with the console or controller software.

In this case, a mere reset will come in handy in fixing it.

The other possible reason behind the controller problem is that the firmware of the PS4 controller is not up-to-date.

The solution to this issue is to update the firmware of the controller. 

Lastly, it could be that the PlayStation itself has an issue.

Here, you will require troubleshooting it. 

What to Do if Your PS4 Controller Keeps Going Up?

So how do you fix a PS4 controller that`s drifting up?

Here are a few possible solutions.

1. Perform a Soft Reset of the PS4 Controller 

As previously mentioned, it could be that the issue is a software or pairing problem.

This results in the controller acting out or drifting up alone.

To dismiss this possibility, here’s what you’ll need to do.

  • Visit the PS4 settings panel.
  • Click on devices
  • Go to Bluetooth device
  • The current controller linked to your console will feature a green circle adjacent to it.
  • Tap it and choose Forget Device
  • Shut down your PlayStation 4.

To shut it down, you must long-press the power button for a few seconds and let it go once it makes two beeps.

Now the console is entirely powered off. 

Additionally, you can shut down your PlayStation 4 by long pressing the key on your controller, going to power in the menu panel, and selecting “Turn Off.” 

When you do this, continue to reconnect your controller by following these steps.

  • Switch on your console and give it some time to boot up.
  • Long press the pairing key at the Centre for several seconds. 
  • You will know the controller is paired when you see the light blinking or stopping.
  • If, when you`re done resetting, you realize that it hasn’t solved your problem, try linking it to the console with a USB cable. 
  • When you connect it, long-press the PS4 key for several seconds and check whether it hinders the controller from going up. 
  • Once the light on the controller goes solid, you can utilize it wirelessly by disconnecting the cable.

2. Try to Perform a Hard Reset to the PS4 Controller 

It only makes sense to hard reset if soft resetting isn’t the solution.

For this, you’ll utilize a reset-only button behind the controller:

  • Switch off the controller and disconnect the controller.
  • Find the reset button behind the controller close to the L2 shoulder key.
  • To press this key, use a slim object like a needle or paper clip. 
  • Long press this button for approximately 5 seconds. 
  • Link your controller to the console with a USB cable. 
  • Shut down the PS4 and give it some time to boot up. 
  • Once it finishes booting up, log in to your PS4 account and check whether the controller is still going up. 

3. Make Dure Your PS4 Controller Is Clean 

Have you tried to soft and hard reset your PS4 when it is still going up?

Then it`s time to clean the controller.

Start by checking the batteries to ensure they`re adequately positioned and not depleted. 

If the batteries aren’t the issue, attempt cleaning the contacts of the controller and the section surrounding the analog sticks using rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip.

You can use a blower or your mouth to blow at the ball at the controller`s base to get rid of dirt. 

It would also help if you used a thin plastic or paper piece and pushed it between and began revolving your controller stick to eliminate any dirt that might have been left behind after blowing. 

Next, twist and press the different buttons on the controller to ensure they aren’t stuck.

Besides, you can twist the controller`s body cautiously, which will assist if the problem results from hardware issues. 

4. Make Sure Your PS4 Controller Is Up-to-Date 

For the players who have an outdated PlayStation 4 controller, there is a possibility the most recent PS4 software version might not support it.

If this is the issue, you might require updating the controller software. 

To do this, visit the settings panel, go to devices, then controller to see whether it`s updated.

If there`s an update available, go by the instructions on your screen to install it. 

Again, check whether a particular game needs updating by visiting the library page and selecting the game played when the problem with your controller begins. 

5. Ensure the Firmware Is Up-to-Date 

If the first four solutions don’t work for you, you have to update your firmware of the PlayStation 4 controller.

This can be done by clicking on the settings panel, then devices and controllers, and finally, updating the firmware.

If the problem is still present, there might be an issue with your PS4 console.

If this is the case, you will require to troubleshoot your console. 

6. Reset Your PS4 Console to Factory Settings 

If the console is the problem, you might require resetting it by visiting the settings panel, Initialization, then Initialize PS4.

Next, click on the Full panel and tap “yes” to approve the Initialization. 

Through this process, you will manage to reset the hardware to default settings, together with the ones for the controller.

Before doing this, ensure you back up the important data to prevent losing your advancement in your favorite games. 

The factory reset should be a last resort after the first five steps refuse to produce results. 

7. Keep Analog Sticks Clean 

The seventh solution is to clean the analog sticks on your controller.

However, it would be best to inform you that once you open the controller, its warranty becomes void. 

  • You’ll require a Q-tip and a tiny Phillips screwdriver to clean the analog sticks. 
  • Start by unscrewing the controllers back using the screwdriver.
  • Next, utilize the Q-tip to tidy the analog sticks and the adjacent parts. 
  • Switch the screws and use the controller to confirm if the issue is fixed. 

If these seven solutions don’t work, you could require buying different analog sticks, so visit your nearest PlayStation Store for additional assistance. 

8. Consult with PS4 Professionals

Have you tried each of the seven recommended solutions, and there’s still no progress?

If so, you might have a severe hardware problem that requires fixing by a professional. 

If you`re looking for a professional to fix it, visit your local electronics shop.

What’s more, you can send it directly to Sony for fixing.

Again, you can choose to buy a new PS4 controller. 

To Summarize: How to Fix a PS4 Controller that Keeps Going Up

As we wind up, if your PlayStation 4 controller is drifting up uncontrollably, it’s not the end of your gaming experience.

You can try out several solutions and see which one works. These solutions are listed below.

  1. Perform a Soft Reset of the PS4 Controller 
  2. Try to Perform a Hard Reset to the PS4 Controller 
  3. Make Dure Your PS4 Controller Is Clean 
  4. Make Sure Your PS4 Controller Is Up-to-Date 
  5. Ensure the Firmware Is Up-to-Date 
  6. Reset Your PS4 Console to Factory Settings 
  7. Keep Analog Sticks Clean
  8. Consult with PS4 Professionals 

Well, there you have it, the eight ways you can fix a PlayStation 4 controller that keeps drifting up.

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