How to Fix PS4 Controller that Won’t Connect but Charges? (SOLVED)

How to Fix PS4 Controller that Won’t Connect but Charges

To troubleshoot the problem with how to fix PS4 controller that won’t connect but charges, you can reset your controller when it does not connect with the PlayStation 4 but the charging function is fine. You can remove the existing controllers from the list. It is possible to use the smartphone app and mouse to do it. You can connect the controller to the ps4 after doing it. It should solve the issue.

We will explain how to troubleshoot the problem with the PS4 controller that won’t connect but charges, in nine ways. Each one of the troubleshooting tips should help to resolve this problem.

Your PS4 Controller Is Charging but not Connecting, What to Do Now?

There are many ways to fix your controller that is not connecting to the ps4 but the charging function is fine.

It is better to start with the easiest way to fix ps4 controller that won’t connect but charges.

There is no issue with the power cables because the charging is working.

You have to find other ways to fix the problem.

1. Disconnect and Connect the Controller Again

You need to disconnect the controller to reconnect with others.

Sometimes, you cannot connect the controller because the system has other controllers.

When you remove the other controllers, your new controller should work fine.

You can do it by shutting down the controller for a few seconds.

You can hold the power button on the controller to disconnect it from the PS4.

It is better to press the power button for at least 10 seconds to ensure the controller is off.

Pressing the power button for less than 10 seconds may not turn off the controller.

You can use the same procedure to remove all the controllers from the system.

It is hard to know which controller is conflicting with the other one.

You can connect the new controller with the USB after that.

It is essential to press the PS button to pair the controller.

If the problem does not solve, you can go to the next step.

2. Connect the Controller via Bluetooth

This method will allow you to use your smartphone to control the console.

You can start downloading the PS4 App/PS Remote App on your smartphone.

You can use any app with many positive reviews as these apps are available on the play store and the iOS app store.

You can connect your PS4 and the smartphone to the same wifi network.

You can use the following steps to attach the controller to the PS4 using Bluetooth.

  1. Connect PS4 with the smartphone by turning on the Bluetooth and searching for the PS4 network.
  2. You can sync the controller by pressing the PS button and the Share button for five seconds.
  3. Your PS4 will show the new controller in the Bluetooth device list.
  4. You can select it and press the confirm button to use the new controller.

You can use a similar method to connect the PC with the PS4.

It will give you better control of your PS4 device.

The most crucial step is pressing the share button and the PS button to put the controller in the pairing mode.

Tip: You can restart your PS4 after removing all the controllers from the list if this method does not work.

You can use a mouse/keyboard if you do not have a second controller to confirm the process result.

Only a USB-A keyboard will connect with the PS4.

If you do not have one of these, you can use the TV remote via HDMI-CEC to connect to the PS4.

3. Use the Reset Button to Reset the Controller

You can reset your controller if it does not allow you to change any settings.

There is a Reset Button on the back of the controller to reset it.

You can use this step-by-step process.

  1. You can unplug the controller and turn off the console.
  2. There is a reset button near the L2 shoulder button. 
  3. It is only possible to press the hold with a paper pin. You can use little force to press it with the paper pin.
  4. You can hold it for five seconds to reset and reconnect the controller.
  5. Allow the controller to connect to the PS4 after the reset process completes.

Tip: You should put the controller in the pairing mode when you restart the console to allow the connection.

The controller will not show in the Bluetooth devices list without the pairing mode.

4. Inspect the Controllers Cables

You can check the cable in different ways.

You can start with the physical exam.

The cables should not have any physical damage that prevents them from connecting to the PS4.

The cable may not work if it has loose wires.

You can connect the USB cable to another port to check connectivity.

You can also connect the same USB cable to the other controller.

The USB cable should charge the controller and transfer the data.

If the cable lacks one of these functions, you should change it.

Tip: Do not use the duplicate power cable for the controller because it will reduce the durability.

5. Perform a Soft Reset on Your PS4

You can use the soft reset option if you did not find any issues with the USB cable and the controller.

It is easy to reset the console as you need to disconnect the power source for a few minutes.

It is crucial to turn off the console before starting this process.

When you plug the power again, the console will turn on.

You can connect with the console by pressing the PS button for a few seconds.

6. Make Sure Your Controller Is Clean

You should not lose hope if this procedure did not work.

Dirt buildup can block some connections in the controller.

If someone asks how to fix a PS4 controller that won’t connect but charges, you can recommend cleaning the controller.

You can use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean the controller.

It is crucial to focus on the connecting areas as they are exposed to more dust.

Blowing into the controller opening during the cleaning process will give you better results.

Buttons should not get stuck during the cleaning process.

Cleaning will also improve the appearance of the controller.

Tip: It is suitable to twist the body slowly as it may resolve the hardware issues.

7. Reboot Your PlayStation 4

This step will help you resolve the issue when the console has a problem.

It is better to ensure that your controller is not causing the issue before using the step-by-step process.

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the console and the controller.
  2. Keep the console power on.
  3. Remove the USB cable from the back of the PS4 and wait for a few seconds.
  4. Connect the USB cable and allow it to go back to the welcome screen.
  5. Use the controller reconnection method.

The controller will connect to the console if the reset was successful. You may have to repeat the process if it was unsuccessful.

8. Reset Your Console/Controller to Factory Settings

It is the last thing you should do because it will remove all the console settings.

It is better to try all other ways before using this step.

You can do it with the help of a smartphone.

You can use the smartphone app to control the PS4.

It will allow you to reset the PS4 without fuss.

You can go to the initialization option in the PS4 settings.

You can choose the initialize PS4 option from the list.

You will see a full factory reset option when you go to the full list of options.

You can select this option and confirm.

It will wipe out all the settings that are conflicting with the controller connection.

9. Switching the Controller from One Device to Another

It is better to ensure that the controller does not have faulty hardware by connecting it to other devices.

You can use some apps to connect the controller to your smartphone.

You can connect it to your PC when you have the controller drivers.

It is easy to connect it to these devices.

You need to put the controller in the connection mode by pressing the PS button and share button at the same time.

The controller will connect with these devices if it does not have issues.

You can send the PS4 console to the company for repair as it is the last option when nothing else works.

If you have the console replacement warranty, the company may replace it without issues.

It is better to check the warranty date before you ask for a new console.

To Summarize: How to Fix PS4 Controller that Won’t Connect but Charges

You can fix the problem of the controller not connecting to the PS4 console by checking the controller and console individually.

You can check from the list that you have done all you can to connect the controller.

  • Disconnect the controller and reconnect it again.
  • Connect the console with the smartphone to check connectivity and change settings.
  • Check the cables, clean, and reset the controllers.
  • Soft reset or power cycle the console.
  • Factory reset the console in the final step.
  • You can check the controller if it is working with other devices.
  • If the controller is fine, send the console to the company for repair or replacement.

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