How to Fix PS4 Controller that Won’t Turn On/Light Up? (FIXED)

How to Fix PS4 Controller that Won’t Turn On Light Up (FIXED)

First, we will answer the question of how to fix PS4 controller that won’t turn on/light up quickly.

To troubleshoot this problem, you can change batteries, reset the controller, and clean the charging port, as the PS4 controller should turn on with these steps.

An unauthentic power cable can also cause this issue. Always use the power cable from the original company. 

We will explain how to troubleshoot the problem with the PS4 controller that won’t turn on or light up in seven ways. Each one of the troubleshooting tips should help to resolve this problem.

How to Fix the Problem with PS4 Controller that Won’t Turn On/Light Up – Troubleshooting Guide

You can follow this step-by-step procedure to solve the issues of your PS4 controller that won’t turn on or light up.

Experts gamers will give you similar steps because these steps are best at resolving the power issues of the PS4 controller.

1. Check the Batteries and Change Them if Needed

Low batteries will not allow the PS4 controller to turn on.

You can replace the batteries if they are non-rechargeable.

You can put the rechargeable batteries in the charging port to check them.

If the batteries are charging, you can test them by putting them in another controller or equipment.

If the batteries are not charging, you can be sure they are causing the issue. 

Tip: Loose batteries can also show the same problem as low batteries.

You can fix the loose battery by placing a paper or using other ways to tighten the battery location.

2. Make Sure Your Controller Is Clean

You can look for the signs of corrosion on the charging port and other openings.

Moisture is bad for the controllers. It can produce corrosion on the ports.

You can use some rubbing alcohol and a q-tip to clean the controller.

You can start by cleaning the battery compartment.

Use a q-tip to remove dust from the ball base and blow to remove the dust.

You can shake the controller also while cleaning to bring out the dust particles.

3. Inspect the Cables

This issue is more prominent with the USB port controllers.

Checking cables should be your first step if you have a USB port controller.

You can look for the signs of damage and the loose wires coming out of the cable.

You may have to replace the cable in case of damage.

You can connect the controller to another port if there is no damage to the wire.

4. Use the Reset Button on the Controller

Resetting the controller is one of the best ways to resolve any issues.

There is no need to unscrew the controller to reset it as there is a dedicated Reset Button on the controller.

You can use this method after checking the able and the batteries.

It will remove all settings from the controller to solve the conflicting setting issues.

  1. You must unplug the controller and turn off the console to start the process.
  2. Find the button to reset the controller near the L2 shoulder. It is a hidden button. You can use a paper pin to press it.
  3. Press the button with a paper pin and hold for five seconds.
  4. Connect the controller to the console with the USB cable instead of the wireless connection.
  5. Let the controller start as it should give the power light at this stage.

There is no need to use the USB cable when the controller finishes pairing with the console.

You can remove the USB cable after that.

Pressing the PS button will initiate the pairing process.

5. Reboot Your PS4

Some issues with the console can also cause the controller power issues.

You can use the power cycle option instead of the controller when the console is causing the issue.

You can use these steps to power cycle your How to Fix PS4 Controller that Won’t Turn On Light Up (FIXED).

  1. Use a USB cable for the controller and console connection.
  2. You can turn on the console power and let it go to the welcome screen.
  3. Remove the USB cable from the console.
  4. Reconnect the cable after a few seconds to turn on the console.

You should see the power light in the controller after doing it.

6. Check the PS4 Controller for Physical Damage

If someone asks how to fix the PS4 controller that won’t turn on/light up after falling, you can tell them to check for the physical damages.

You can look for the damage to the micro USB port and the controller parts.

Damage to these parts will cause the controller power light issues.

You can get a charging unit when there is damage to the micro-USB port.

There are other ways to connect the controller to the PS4 also.

7. Talk to PS4 Professionals

It is the final step of the process.

You can contact the professionals when you see the physical damage or loose wires on the controller cable.

Only a professional can repair the controller when there is hardware damage.

He may replace the cable to solve the issues also.

You can contact the company professional also as they will guide you better.

What to Do if Your PS4 Controller Won’t Turn on When You Plug It In?

You can replace the batteries if the controller won’t turn on when plugged in.

You can also reset the controller to remove all the conflicting settings.

Cleaning the charging ports on the controller and the console is one of the ways to solve the problem.

You may follow all the steps in this article if these steps do not work.

The only way to start the controller again is to take it to a professional repair technician, as he may give you all the information about the hardware or software damage.

What to Do if Your PS4 Controller Won’t Turn On, But It Blinks?

There is a simple solution to the blinking controller.

You can use the PS Button on the controller to pair with the console.

Most controllers blink when they are not connected to the console.

Connecting it will solve the issue.

You should clean the port or reset the controller if you cannot connect it.

Low batteries can also cause connecting issues.

Changing the batteries will solve it.

To Summarize: How to Fix PS4 Controller That Won’t Turn On or Light Up

You can follow some simple steps to solve the issue when the controller does not turn on.

If none of your techniques work, you can take the controller and console to a professional for repair.

  • Change the batteries and inspect the power cable.
  • Clean controller and charging ports.
  • Reset the controller and power cycle the console.
  • Check for physical damage when nothing works.

You can find help from professionals as they can save a lot of your time by troubleshooting and solving the problem.

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