How to Fix the PS4 Controller that Won’t Stop Vibrating?

How to Fix the PS4 Controller that Won’t Stop Vibrating

You can fix the controller that won’t stop vibrating by resetting the controller and the console. Inserting fresh batteries and reconnecting the controller may solve the issue. It is better to check if a button is stuck. You can factory reset it if all these procedures do not work. 

It is the short answer to the question of how to fix the PS4 controller that won’t stop vibrating.

You will find the explanation of these points when you read the remaining parts of the article and how we will troubleshoot this problem.

Why Your PS4 Controller Won’t Stop Vibrating?

Some hardware and software issues can force the controller to vibrate uncontrollably.

Controller hardware pairing issues and loose connection of the rumble motor.

The Rumble Motor is responsible for producing the vibrations in the controller.

Bluetooth speakers or other devices can also interfere with the controllers to cause this issue.

You can remove the devices with the interference as it should resolve the problem.

A software glitch can also cause vibration issues.

You can reset your console or controller to solve the problem.

If you are unsure about the problem, you can use the steps below to troubleshoot and solve the vibration problems of the controllers.

What Can You Do if the PS4 Controller Won’t Stop Vibrating?

You need to identify the cause of the problem.

There are some methods to check the cause of the problem as there are different solutions for the software and hardware issues.

You cannot solve the software issues by replacing all the hardware components.

Hardware issues will not resolve by removing all the console settings and data.

You can save your time, money, and data when you use accurate techniques to solve the problems.

You can learn how to fix the PS4 controller that won’t stop vibrating first.

It is better to go to the practical stage later.

1. Press the PS4’s Power Button to Restart the Controller

Restarting the controller is the best way to start the troubleshooting process.

You can restart the controller by pressing the PS Button for more than ten seconds.

You can ensure the controller has turned off by checking the center light.

The light should turn off.

You can wait for a few seconds before you turn it back on.

It is easy to turn on the controller because there is a dedicated power button at the center of the controller.

You can also reset the controller with the reset button.

  1. You can unplug the controller before turning off the console.
  2. There is a reset button near the L2 shoulder. You need to find the button because it is hidden under the controller body.
  3. You can hold the button with a paper clip for five seconds.
  4. You can turn on the console after connecting the controller.

2. Connect and Disconnect the Controller from the Eonsole

Vibration issues can be due to conflicting settings in the controller pairing. You can disconnect the controller for a minute and reconnect it to solve the problem. You can do it with these steps.

  1. You can go to the Settings of the PS4 and find the Device option.
  2. You need to click the device with the green circle and press the Forget Device option. This option is in the Bluetooth devices.
  3. You can shut down the PS4 for a few minutes also to allow the settings to take effect.

You can hold the power button for more than seven seconds to power off the console.

You can reconnect your PS4 controller to the PS4 before you start it again.

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the controller.
  2. Wait for the console and controller to boot up.
  3. Press the Pairing button and wait for the flashing light to become solid.

3. Reset Your PS4 Controller by Pressing the Reset Button

Sometimes the controller pairing is not causing the issue.

There is some issue with the conflicting settings in the console.

You can set the controller settings to defaults to solve the continuous vibration problem.

You can go to the settings in the console.

There is an option to reset the controllers in the Device options.

The vibration issues will resolve if it is due to the conflicting settings.

4. Check the PS4 Controller for Updates

Some old controllers can have older firmware.

They will face issues due to conflicting software settings.

You can solve the vibration problem of the old model controllers by updating the controller firmware.

The problem may also resolve when you update the software of the console.

There is a specific option to update the controller firmware.

You can go to the controller settings to locate the update options.

Controller settings are inside the Device -> Controller options.

You should allow the console to search for the update on the internet.

It will give you instructions to install the update if there is one available.

5. Replace the Battery in the PS4 Controller

A loose connection of the battery is one of the common hardware issues.

It will give irregular voltage to the controller and cause some hardware parts to malfunction.

Replacing the old batteries with the new ones will solve the issue.

You can place the battery in the charger if you have a rechargeable battery.

You may need a new battery if it is not charging.

It is hard to know the battery condition if it is non-rechargeable.

You should replace the old batteries if they are non-rechargeable.

6. Examine Your PS4 Controller

You can examine the controller for damages and battery placement.

Loose battery placement can cause vibration issues.

You may also face vibration issues when there is physical damage to the controller.

Dust can also interfere with the signals on the circuit causing the vibration issues.

It is better to solve the issues by inspecting and cleaning the controller.

7. Make Sure no Hardware Damage Has Occurred

You can open the screws of the controller to check the hardware damage.

It is hard to find the hardware damage from the controller surface.

If you do not know how to fix the PS4 controller that won’t stop vibrating due to the hardware issues, you need help from the professionals.

The Rumble motor damage is the most frequent cause of the vibration issues.

You can replace the motor by yourself if you are an expert in repairing electronic equipment.

8. Remove Any Unused Files and Applications from your PS4’s Hard Drive

It can be weird that less space in the PS4 hard drive can cause vibration issues.

The console vibrates to inform you there is no storage in the hard drive.

You can delete some apps or games from the hard drive to free some space.

It will solve the problem if there are no other software or hardware issues.

9. Perform a Factory Reset on Your PS4 Console

Factory reset is the last thing you can do before looking for professional help.

You can go to the PS4 initialization option to reset it.

You can click the Full option from the PS4 initialization screen.

The console will ask you to confirm the factory reset.

You can press yes to confirm it.

It is better to make a data backup before you factory reset the console.

Factory reset will remove all data and settings from the console to solve the vibration issue. 

10. Maybe It Is Time to Consult with a PS4 Professional

You can take help from the PS4 professionals if you cannot solve the issue after a factory reset.

The professionals may repair the console or controller to stop the vibration.

They may suggest replacing the controller if there is no way to solve the controller problems.

You can also send the controller and console to Sony to get professional help.

To Summarize: How to Fix The PS4 Controller that Won’t Stop Vibrating

We suggest that you check the hardware and software issues to solve the controller vibration issues. You can start by following the steps in this summary.

  • Disconnect the controller and restart the console.
  • Remove all cables from the console and controller.
  • Reset the controller and console settings.
  • Check for hardware damage or dust buildup.
  • Free some hard space or factory reset the console.
  • You can get help from Sony if nothing works.

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