How to Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick? (SOLVED)

How To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick

You can fix the Xbox One power brick by increasing the airflow, optimizing the console settings, arranging a stable electric connection, and resetting the console settings.

It is a short answer to the question of how to fix your Xbox One power brick.

You will get a detailed answer from the explanations below.

Do You Need a Power Brick for Xbox One?

You need a power brick for the older versions of Xbox One because it will stabilize the voltage as it acts as the AC adapter.

It will protect the Xbox One from the power surge.

There is a function in the power brick to cut the power supply when there is an electrical surge.

Some people use the Xbox One without the power brick.

We do not recommend using Xbox One without a power brick as it increases the risk of hardware damage.

The latest version of the Xbox One and Xbox One S does not need a power brick as there is a voltage stabilizer and AC adapter inside the console.

What Is the Reason for the Power Supply on My Xbox One Turning Off Constantly?

Xbox One power supply keeps turning off due to overheating, unstable power supply, and settings issues. You will get details of power supply issues in this section.

  • The Xbox One can overheat due to airflow issues. You can identify this issue if the Xbox one is hot to touch. You may also get a message that there is a ventilation issue with the console.
  • There is not enough voltage in the power circuit. This problem is due to issues with the power supplier company or faulty power cable.
  • There is a conflicting setting in the Xbox One. You may have to update the software or reset the console to solve this issue. Improper settings can interfere with the power brick function.
How To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick
How To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick?

How Can I Fix My Xbox One Power Brick?

Your console will turn off suddenly due to issues with the power brick.

There are many ways to solve this issue.

You can work on the improvement of system airflow and connect the power brick to a better power source.

Changing console settings and system reset is another way to fix power brick issues.

1. To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick, You Can Improve Ventilation

You can stop the overheating issue with ventilation improvement using these steps.

  1. Shut down the Xbox One.
  2. Keep it at the same location for more than one hour.
  3. Place the Xbox One in a place with better airflow.
  4. Start the console again.

2. To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick, Upgrade Your Power Supply

Some cord extensions can cause power supply issues by reducing the voltage supply to the power brick.

You can check the power brick temperature to ensure overheating is not causing the issue.

You can plug the power cord of the Xbox One power brick into the wall without extension to solve the issue.

You can also get professional help to troubleshoot the voltage issues.

Wiring in your house can also interfere with the voltage and current supply.

3. To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick, Make Sure Your Console Settings Are Working for You

Some power settings can turn off the console without giving you a warning about the power issues.

You need to set the console to ensure you get information about the power issues.

You can do it by disabling the automatic turn-off option.

You can use these steps to disable this option.

  1. Turn on the Xbox One.
  2. Press the central button to go to the settings menu.
  3. Go to the Profile and System and click the Settings.
  4. You need to go to the Power Mode and Startup after that.
  5. You can select Don’t Turn Off Automatically.

4. To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick, Reset the Xbox System

If there are no issues related to voltage and overheating, you can do a system reset.

System reset will remove all the conflicting settings from the console.

It can solve the issues of the software settings that are causing the power brick problems.

  1. You can press the central button on the controller to go to the settings.
  2. You can go to the Console Info option from the Settings.
  3. Select the Reset Console option from the menu.
  4. It is better to select Reset Everything for a complete setting reset.

5. To Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick, You May Have to Contact Xbox Customer Support

You can contact the customer support department of the Xbox if you cannot solve the power brick issues with these options.

Xbox customer support is the best option as they know everything about the Xbox issues.

They will solve the issues fast.

Here’s How You Can Power Your Xbox One without a Brick

It is essential to use the power brick when using Xbox One because a power surge will damage the Xbox One hardware without the power brick.

It is better to not turn on the Xbox without the power brick for console safety.

Sometimes, it is not possible to find an expert technician.

You can use this alternate way to power the Xbox One without a power brick.

  1. Separate the power cord that connects the console and power brick.
  2. You need to attach the console back and the power socket first.
  3. You must force the cable into the adapter until you hear the cracking sound.
  4. Keep pressing till you see the light in the LED.
  5. Press the power button of the console.

What Is the Process for Resetting the Xbox One Power Supply?

You can reset the Xbox One power supply with some simple steps.

The power supply can go to standby mode when there is a power surge.

You can use this option to reset the power supply.

  1. You can remove all the cables from the power brick, Xbox One, and socket in the first step.
  2. Wait for ten minutes to complete the power supply reset.
  3. Plug all the cables into suitable places.
  4. Wait for the power supply LED to turn on.
  5. Attach the cable between the power supply and the console.

My Xbox One Power Brick Has a Red Light. What Should I Do?

Red light is a sign of a decrease in the power supply voltage.

Connecting the power brink with red light to your console can damage the console hardware.

  1. Increase the airflow on the console.
  2. Give a better power source to the console.
  3. Go to the system setting for a full reset.

Should the Xbox One Power Brick Ramain On?

Some people keep the Xbox One power brick off when the console is not working to save power.

Turning off the power brick when the console is not working is not compulsory.

You will see a white light when the console is on standby mode.

Yellow light means there are no issues with the console.

To Summarize: Quick and Easy Ways to Fix Your Xbox One Power Brick

You can fix the Xbox One power brick without spending more time and money.

It is better to keep these points in your mind to ensure you resolve all the power brick problems.

  • Overheating, power issues, and conflicting settings can cause power brick problems.
  • You can solve these problems airflow increase, changing the console settings, and solving power issues.
  • Resetting the console is the best way to solve the software issues.
  • Solving the red light issue is better before connecting the power brick to the console.

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