How to Quickly Reset/Factory Reset PS4 Without Controller?

How to Quickly Reset/Factory Reset PS4 Without Controller

Resetting the controller is the best way to remove the console settings causing issues.

It is possible to reset your PS4 when you do not have the controller, or the console does not allow the controller connection.

We will tell you how to quickly reset/factory reset PS4 without controller to help you restore the console without professional help.

What Equipment Will You Need to Reset/Factory Reset PS4 without Controller Quickly?

You can reset the console without any equipment in some cases.

It may not remove all the problematic settings.

You may need equipment that you can find in your home.

You can use the computer mouse or keyboard instead of the controller to go to the reset settings.

It is easy to connect the PS4 with a keyboard and mouse when they have a USB A connector.

You can also use the USB A adapter when there is no connector on the devices.

Some wireless keyboards are compatible with the PS4.

You can look for compatibility information on the manufacturer’s website.

Connecting the wireless devices requires a mobile app as you can only connect them from the settings.

You can Download PS4 App/ PS Remote Play App to control the PS4.

You can download these apps from the play store.

The play store will also tell you if your mobile is compatible with a PS4 console.

The process of installing the app from the Apple Store is also the same.

How Can You Reset PS4 Without Controller? Is It Possible?

It is easy to do a simple reset on the PS4 console.

You do not need any equipment for this procedure.

It is the best way to start the troubleshooting process because it will take less time than other procedures.

  1. Remove all the cables from the PS4 console.
  2. Keet it in the same position for more than one minute.
  3. Plug back all the cables and start the PS4.

Tip: You can also remove the cables from the TV and other devices to ensure there are no conflicting settings in the other devices.

It will also solve the WiFi-related issues.

How to Factory Reset PS4 without Controller?

You can factory reset your console to remove all the data and settings.

It is better to do it if the soft reset does not solve the problem.

It is crucial to backup your data if you do not want to lose it.

You can use the process below if you do not have important data in the console or have already taken a backup.

Use one of the alternate devices to go to the Settings on PS4.

You can locate Initialized and select Initialize PS4.

You must select the Full option and press Yes when it asks for confirmation.

It will take some time to factory reset the console.

It will restart automatically after the process completion.

It should solve all the PS4 issues.

We recommend that you keep the factory reset as your last step because it will remove valuable data from the console.

How to Reset PS4 without a Controller and Not Lose Your Data?

You will not lose the data when you use the soft reset procedure.

Data is an essential part of the console.

It will give a personalized experience to the players.

With the factory reset option, you may feel storage when you remove all the data from the PS4.

You can unplug all the cables from the PS4 to reset it without losing data.

Power cable is most important in this process.

You have to make sure that you remove the power cable.

You can keep the PS4 without plugging cables for more than one minute.

It will reset the PS4 without data loss.

It may not resolve the most complicated issues of the PS4.

To Summarize: How to Quickly Reset/Factory Reset PS4 Without Controller

You could read the summary section if you forgot one of the crucial steps of the resetting process.

The summary will give you an overview of the most important aspects of factory reset PS4 without the controller.

  • It is easy to soft reset the PS4 without any equipment by removing all cables.
  • Factory reset removes all the data from the console.
  • You can use a keyboard, mouse, and mobile app to control the PS4 when the controller is not working.
  • It is better to avoid the factory reset option if you do not want to lose your data.

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