How to Reset and Factory Reset Your PS4 Controller? (EXPLAINED)

How to Reset and Factory Reset Your PS4 Controller

Resetting the PS4 controller can remove all the settings conflicting with your gameplay.

You can learn how to quickly reset/factory reset your PS4 controller when you do not know why the controller has issues.

We will explain how to troubleshoot the problem and detail all the aspects of resetting the PS4 controller.

Each one of the troubleshooting steps should help to resolve this problem.

How to Do Basic Reset PS4 Controller?

A basic reset is a perfect option when you do not want to lose your data from the PS4 controller.

It will help you remove the software issues also.

  1. Go to the PS4 Settings from the main menu.
  2. Select the Device option from the menu and go to Bluetooth Devices.
  3. You can identify the controller in your hand from the list by a green circle on it.
  4. Locate the option Disconnect/Forget Device and select it.
  5. Use the Power Down option to turn off the PS4 controller.

You cannot use the benefits of the controller reset if you do not connect it to the PS4 with the help of the steps below.

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the PS4 controller.
  2. Allow the controller to start by pressing the power button.
  3. Press and hold the pairing button for a few seconds.
  4. Wait for the controller light to stop flashing.

How to Do Advanced Reset PS4 Controller?

You can use the advanced reset option when the basic reset is not working.

There is a Reset Button on the PS4 for this purpose.

  1. Shut down the console and remove the controller cables.
  2. Find the reset button behind the L2 shoulder.
  3. Press and hold it with a paper pin for a few seconds.
  4. Connect the PS4 controller to the console with the USB cable and wait for it to pair.

You can use the pairing button to connect whenever you reset the controller options.

How to Reset/Factory Reset PS4 Controller?

Factory reset means that you have to remove all the settings from your controller and the console.

It is preferable when there is a conflicting setting in the console.

To do it, you can go to the initialization option in the PS4 settings.

Settings ->  Initialization -> Initialize PS4 -> Full It is the path to find and use the factory reset option.

Learning how to easily Factory Reset your PS4 controller will make your life easy.

The console will ask you to confirm that you want to reset it fully.

You can press Yes.

It is crucial to take a data backup of your console before the factory reset.

How to Reset/Factory PS4 Controller without Reset Button?

There is a Forget Device option in the Bluetooth Device option.

You can go to the settings and look for the Device Settings in the list.

We can divide this reset into two steps.

The first step involves the use of the reset option from the console.

The second step is using a USB cable to start the controller.

You may have to keep the controller off for one minute for the changes to take effect.

The process starts with finding the option to reset and ends with the light on the controller going solid from the flashing position.

How to Reset/Factory Reset PS4 Controller without Cable?

The process of resetting the PS4 controller without a cable is complicated for some people.

You have to use alternative ways to connect the controller to the console.

After resetting the console, you must connect the controller with a USB cable.

This method involves a smartphone app to control the PS4 at the start.

You can connect the PS4 with the smartphone app and use Bluetooth Devices.

After selecting this option, you can press the PS Button and Share Button.

You can use the smartphone to choose the controller.

To Summarize: How to Easily Reset/Factory Reset Your PS4 Controller?

There are many ways you can reset/factory reset your controller. We will give you a brief overview of all these ways.

  • Soft reset the controller with Bluetooth device settings.
  • Hard would reset the controller if the soft reset did not remove the conflicting settings.
  • You may have to factory reset the console when the hard reset does not work.
  • You can reset the controller without the USB cable when you use the smartphone app.

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