How to Watch TV On Your Xbox One? (Quick and Easy TIPS)

How To Watch TV On Your Xbox One Quick and Easy

Thanks to technological advancements, Xbox One is now more than just an incredible gaming platform.

It’s also a smart gadget that leads your living room.

You can use it to stream TV shows, live TV, game, and more!

That said, most people are uncertain about watching TV on their gaming console because they don’t know how to connect it.

It’s relatively straightforward, though you need to do it right to connect successfully. 

So, how can you watch Xbox One? You have to set it up; luckily, this guide will show you how to go about it. Additionally, you can download the Xbox App and subscribe to services like Blu-Ray Drive and Plex. 

While it might look like only tech experts can be able to set up your Xbox One to watch TV, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Continue reading this easy-to-understand guide to see the quick and easy methods to watch Tv on your Xbox:

Can You Watch TV on Xbox One?

Yes, it’s possible to watch TV on your Xbox One.

However, you will require an Xbox Tuner, which helps you access the Over-the-air television channels. 

Again, you can utilize a dedicated Digital TV Tuner for your Xbox One.

Connect the tuner to the antenna and link it at the console’s back.

Plus, there are other different tuners on the market that you can use.

Meanwhile, if you’re not close to the broadcasting tower, ensure to select a tuner with a stronger antenna. 

How Can You Watch TV on Xbox One?

There are a few ways you can watch tv on your Xbox One, and they include; 

Method 1: To Watch TV on Xbox One, Set Up One Guide 

This is the Xbox app for watching Television.

Setting it up is relatively easy, thanks to the setup wizard on Xbox One. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Choose if you want to connect a set-top box or TV tuner.
  • Key in your zip code.
  • Choose your TV service provider.
  • Type the set-top box’s provider, where applicable.
  • Give the console a moment to do several tests to find the right infrared controls. In case it asks if a given action was effective, respond aptly. 

To watch Tv with voice activation, you’ll check the wizard to find the TV’s infrared codes.

This is the same way you would use a universal remote. 

Here is how to do it:

  • Know the brand of the Television 
  • The Xbox one will continue testing to find the correct infrared controls like settings, mute, and volume. 
  • When you finish setting this up, you can either go to the homepage or begin setting up the Tv. 

Method 2: To Watch TV on Xbox One, Download a Relevant Xbox App

The Xbox store is filled with apps you can easily download at a small fee.

This is the most suitable option if you can’t access these apps through cable or satellite. 

Method 3: To Watch TV on Xbox One, You Can Try Using Plex

This app lets you stream tv shows from your PC to Xbox One via your home or office network.

It would be best to have the console and computer on one network to get high-quality sound and video. 

Download this app to your computer and follow this guide to set it up.

  • Visit Plex -> TV -> create account.
  • Download the app and install it.
  • Using your login information, sign in to the server.
  • Add your favorite shows to the app’s library.
  • Next, download this app on your Xbox One and utilize an activation code to connect it to the account. 

Method 4: To Watch TV on Xbox One, Use a Blu-Ray Drive 

The first Xbox one has an in-built Blu-ray drive.

It will come in handy when you want to play DVDs and Blu-rays.

It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget. 

What Do You Need to Know about Watching Live TV on Xbox One?

Watching live Tv on your Xbox one is relatively straightforward and can be done in several ways.

1. Take advantage of live-streaming apps

In addition to watching TV shows and movies on demand, using different Xbox One apps might be a better way to watch live digital airings on TV.

Among the best Xbox One apps for live streaming tv shows and movies are.

  • HBO Go: Ideal for streaming HBO shows and movies.
  • Bravo: This is the official TV channel for live streaming bravo content. 
  • Twitch: A well-known esports and video game live-streaming app.
  • Red Bull TV: this app is perfect for Red Bull’s special features and documentaries. 
  • WWE Network: ideal for wrestling fans.

2. Stream Live Internet TV

You can utilize services like Sling TV and YouTube TV to live stream internet content.

They offer a broad scope of packages that meet most streamers’ different requirements. 

After setting up your account and paying for their service, you’re good to go.

Again, you could utilize services like Plex for live streaming shows on your PC to your gaming console. 

3. Make use of an OTA tuner 

Another way is to utilize a tuner that operates between the aerial and Xbox One.

Once you connect it to your gaming console, it automatically starts the setup procedure. 

4. Use HDHomeRun 

You can as well use HDHomeRun along with its legit companion App in tandem with others like Plex or Kodi.

Link it to your home network and utilize an aerial to utilize this gadget. 

What Is the Best Way to Watch Free TV on Xbox One?

1. Make use of the TV tuner

Most Xbox One owners have satellite and cable. Most of the time, these are expensive.

So, if you’re looking to watch free TV using your Xbox One, you can purchase a Free-to-air tuner at a cheap price.

You’ll get to watch TV for free when you finish setting up. 

2. Take advantage of the flex package

Generally, plex provides a wide range of free and paid internet channels.

Even if the premium packages are extremely common, you can choose the free channels as they’ll serve the purpose. 

3. Take advantage of free trials and offers by different Internet services

Services like YouTube TV let you access paid TV services online.

On the other hand, if you get the content for free, you’ll only access it for a specific period.

Again, you can exploit any special offers which are at times offered by these internet services. 

How to Watch TV on Xbox One without a Cable Box? 

Internet platforms like YouTube TV offer access to online paid TV networks.

Nonetheless, you can view the media content at no cost if you get the standard free trials.

Also, you can enjoy the various special offers that some services frequently offer. 

If you own cable TV or satellite services, you should connect the console to the cable box.

On hooking up everything, the console sends infrared signals that help not only facilitate you to watch TV directly from the Xbox one but also control your cable box.

However, this is never always how it goes.

So, what should you do if you don’t own a cable box? 

1. Make use of an antenna

It is possible to enjoy watching TV on your Xbox one even without necessarily having a cable box by using an antenna.

This is a free version you can use to comfortably watch OTA TV.

Ensure you have a dependable adapter such as the Hauppauge Digital Tuner.

Note: you need an exclusively reliable antenna to get strong string signals, mainly if your distance from the broadcasting towers is considerably far.

The Xbox One Digital tuner is a fantastic alternative as it works well in various countries. 

2. Make use of apps

There are still several other alternatives you can use, like apps from the following providers. 

  • Amazon 
  • HBO 
  • Netflix 
  • Hulu 

Is It Possible to Watch TV While Playing Xbox One?

In 2013, Microsoft debuted a special feature called “Snap” that enabled users to easily multitask with an Xbox One.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has outlined its intention to erase this feature.

Nonetheless, you can still enjoy watching TV on your console while gaming.

Therefore, this is the tool to exploit if you want to multitask. 

Here is a list of the top Xbox Games on the Amazon website! 

What Is the Best Way to Watch TV While Playing a Game on Xbox One?

If you want to snap apps on the Xbox One, you can use the following methods. 

1. Make use of a gamepad 

  1. Choose your preferred game. Open the game and head to the dashboard Home by pressing your controller’s “Home” button. 
  2. Choose Snap. This will display the snap app on your screen’s right-hand side.
  3. Select which app you want to snap. Afterward, you can set it to do anything you desire. 

Once you’ve done this, the app will show up on your screen’s right-hand side while your game will simultaneously appear on the screen’s left. 

Note: to unsnap your apps, you must press the controller’s “Home” button and choose the “Unsnap” option in the dashboard. 

2. Use Kinect 

Alternatively, you can use Kinect.

It is a straightforward voice command product, and here are the steps to follow when using it. 

  1. Say this to the command box: “Xbox, snap.” 
  2. Add your preferred app’s name. If unsure of the application’s proper name, you can say the following ‘Xbox, snap’ and use the controller to pick one. 
  3. If you want to reverse this, utilize another voice command. Here, say, ‘Xbox, unsnap.’ 

To Summarize: Quick Methods to Watch TV on Your Xbox One

It’s pretty easy to watch tv on your tv on Xbox One, and here’s how to go about it.

  • Setup and use one guide 
  • Download Xbox apps 
  • Use plex
  • Use Blu-ray drive 

Didn’t know how to set up and watch tv on your Xbox? Now you know! 

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