PS4 Mic Isn’t Working, But I Can Hear (Troubleshooting)

PS4 Mic Isn’t Working, But I Can Hear (Troubleshooting)

To fix the problem with your mic isn’t working, but I can hear, you can check the headset jack’s compatibility and audio output settings to learn more about the mic issue. This solution should fix the problem for the people who say PS4 mic isn’t working but I can hear. 

We will explain how to troubleshoot the problem in nine different ways. Each one of the troubleshooting tips should help to resolve this problem.

How to Fix the Problem When a PS4 Mic Won’t Work, but You Can Hear?

We have prepared some ways to troubleshoot the issue of the PS4 mic that won’t work, but you can still hear.

These methods are more suitable when you can hear everything and the mic is not working.

You can start with changing the settings and go to the physical changes later.

1. Make Sure Your PS4 Mic Is Unmuted

The first step to troubleshoot the issue is by checking the mic settings.

People mute the mic and forget about it.

Muting the mic prevents the audio transmission to the console.

You can unmute the mic in the settings to solve this issue.

You can click the Home button to go to the main menu.

It is better to go to the Sound and Devices option.

You can scroll down to find the Mute All Microphones option.

You can ensure that it is not enabled.

It is possible to disable it by removing the check sign from the options.

2. Inspect the Cables of Your PS4

You can start the cable checking process by ensuring that all cables connect in a suitable place.

You can check the power cables and the cords for the sounds.

Some may not plug the headset accurately.

You have to push it with some force to fix it in place.

Sometimes the three-sleeve jack causes the issue.

You can convert it to the four-sleeve jack with an adapter.

You can also check for the burned and broken cables.

Tip: You can rotate the plug to ensure it fits the port because not pushing it enough will make a loose connection.

3. Update Your PS4 Mic Drivers

When using the controller mic, you can ensure it is working well.

You can do it by updating the drivers n the console.

The PS4 has an option of System Software Update.

You can go to that option to find out if an update is available.

The console will allow you to check it with an internet connection.

You can give some time to the system to install the update.

4. Make Sure Your PS4 Mic Sound Settings Are Correct

It is better to go to the Audio Output Settings on the PS4 to solve this issue.

You can go to this setting by selecting the Settings option from the main screen.

You can select the Sound and Screen option to get to the final setting options.

There is an option for changing the settings of the USB Headset in the Output Device Settings.

You can also find the mic option in the Headphones settings.

5. Make Sure Your PS4 Microphone Is Set up Correctly

There is a special setting for the microphone on the PS4.

You can get there by Settings -> Devices -> Audio Devices.

You can find the settings of the microphone in the option.

Ensure that the Enable Microphone option is checked.

Sometimes the console does not allow the settings to apply.

You can uncheck it to remove the settings.

You can recheck it to ensure the system responds to the setting change.

You can also set the Input and Output Devices to Headset Connected to Controller.

It is better to increase the microphone sound level.

Tip: If you set the audio output device to anything other than the headphone, the mic may not work.

6. Install the Latest Sound Card Drivers

The sound card driver can also cause the malfunction of the mic.

You can go to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest driver for the sound card.

You have to find the card name and the version to download the right type of driver.

Once the driver is ready to install, you can give some time to the system to install the drivers.

You can restart the system to apply the changes.

7. Turn Off the PS4 and Restart It

Restarting is the best way to solve the issues if there is some setting problem.

It is also better to restart the PS4 if you faced a problem with a mic that was working before.

There is a simple way to restart the PS4. You should press the power button for ten seconds.

It should fix the problem when you turn it on again.

It is better to advise people to restart the PS4 when they say PS4 mic isn’t working but I can hear.

8. Get a New Microphone

Replacing the microphone is an option when all the other solutions do not work.

The mic will work by changing the settings if there are no hardware issues.

When there is a problem with the mic hardware, you can solve it by replacing the PS4 mic.

You can buy one from the online stores.

You will find many price options on different websites. It wi better to find a product with a warranty.

9. Contact Sony Group Corporation

There is no other option if the mic did not work after you replace it with the new one.

You need professional help in this case.

You can get professional help from Sony because they are the PS4 manufacturers.

You can call them to get help or go to one of the dedicated Sony stores.

Why Does It Say My Mic Is Muted on PS4 When It’s Not?

If the console shows that the mic is muted on PS4 when it’s not, it is due to hardware issues or mic settings.

You can uncheck the Mute all Microphones option from the settings.

It is better to set the microphone sound to the maximum in the settings.

You can go to these settings from PS4 Settings -> Devices ->Audio Devices.

Increase the Volume Control (Headphones) to a higher level.

You can select All Audio from the Output to Headphones.

To Summarize: PS4 Mic Isn’t Working, But I Can Hear

If the mic isn’t working but you can hear the sound from the console, the problem can be due to the mic or the console settings.

You can do the following to resolve the issues.

  • Check microphone and sound settings to unmute the mic.
  • Install the latest system and sound card driver updates.
  • Check the cables or replace the microphone.
  • Restart the console.
  • Contact professionals if nothing works.

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