RiceGum Net Worth: How Much Money Does RiceGum Make?

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RiceGum Net Worth

We will discuss Bryan Quang Le’s net worth, more commonly known as RiceGum.

RiceGum is an American YouTuber, rapper, and social media personality who gained popularity through his comedic skits and online reaction videos.

He has amassed a massive following on various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. 

As a rising star in the digital world, many people are curious about RiceGum net worth.

With his success in his YouTube career and his ventures in music and other business endeavors, RiceGum’s net worth has become an interesting topic for his fans and followers. 

Throughout this blog post, we will delve into the details of RiceGum’s career, his various sources of income, and how he has built such an impressive net worth at such a young age. 

Our team has conducted thorough research to determine RiceGum’s precise net worth.

This includes an analysis of his background and career trajectory, as well as the various sources of income that have contributed to his wealth.

Our investigation has yielded comprehensive answers to the following questions:

1. Who is RiceGum?

2. How did RiceGum amass his fortune?

3. What is the exact figure of RiceGum’s net worth?

Let’s find out all the answers.

Who Is RiceGum – Bryan Quang Le?

RiceGum (real name Bryan Quang Le) is a YouTuber, rapper, and social media personality known for his controversial videos and diss tracks.

He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and is known for his comedy content, reaction videos, and vlogs.

  • Real Name – Bryan Quang Le
  • Nationality – United States
  • Birth Date – November 19, 1996
  • Zodiac Sign – Scorpio
  • Gender – Male
  • Net Worth – 3 million
RiceGum Net Worth
RiceGum Net Worth: How Much Money Does RiceGum Make?

RiceGum Early Life

Born in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bryan Le is a successful YouTuber who made a career out of his passion for music.

Despite being born to immigrant parents and dropping out of college, he persevered and pursued his dreams of content creation, which has proven to be a wise decision.

Initially, Bryan’s content focused on playing Call of Duty, but he soon discovered his true calling in music. 

The Rise of RiceGum Career

Following his Youtube debut, Machinima noticed his content, which led to a significant breakthrough.

He later pivoted towards comedic and musical content, resulting in a surge of interest in his channel.

By 2016, his channel had amassed one million subscribers; by the year’s end, it had skyrocketed to nine million subscribers.

Despite being a college dropout, he has become a prominent YouTuber, famous for his diss track series about internet personalities.

Remarkably, he has achieved the rare feat of charting on Billboard, further solidifying his position as one of the top YouTubers.

One of his notable works is a series of tracks released under the label “The Kids Must Be Stopped.”

In this series, he expresses disapproval towards popular Youtube personalities such as Jake Paul in a professionally articulated manner.

The Controversies Around RiceGum

Throughout his career, the American content creator and YouTuber have encountered various controversies involving fellow YouTubers and musicians, such as IDubbbz, Gabbie Hanna, all former members of his Clout Gang group, James Rallison, and Bhad Bhabie.

Additionally, he has faced allegations of racism due to his “Asians eat cats and dogs” video.

RiceGum Achievements

RiceGum has achieved notable success in the music industry, with two chart-topping tracks, “Frick Da Police” and “It’s Every Night Sis,” featuring Alissa Violet.

The latter was certified platinum, demonstrating his impressive musical talent.

In addition to his success in music, RiceGum’s primary YouTube channel has also garnered a significant following, ranking as the 872nd most subscribed on the platform.

How Does RiceGum Earn Money?

RiceGum earns revenue through various platforms such as his videos, music, social media, and, most recently, his Twitch subscribers.

With his extensive multimedia following, he has established a lucrative revenue stream, albeit experiencing a slight deceleration in recent months.

Nevertheless, RiceGum’s popularity remains steadfast, and a single video is anticipated to result in a resurgence of his channel’s success.


As of 2021, RiceGum’s primary focus has been on his role as a Twitch streamer.

However, his online presence has been limited to a few streams and social media updates.

Despite having 1.2 million subscribers, RiceGum has not been active on the platform for several months.


RiceGum’s primary source of income is attributed to his successful career as a content creator on YouTube.

Despite his most recent upload being in July 2020, it is important to acknowledge that his previous content has greatly contributed to his substantial net worth.

With a substantial subscriber base of 10 million, RiceGum’s previous videos have undeniably played a significant role in his financial success.

However, it is worth noting that his current YouTube channels appear inactive.


His successful music career proved to be lucrative as it generated significant financial gain.

All the songs from his album “The Kids Must Be Stopped” are readily available for streaming on Spotify.

Notably, the album features popular tracks such as God Church, My Ex, Bitcoin, and DaAdult.


The influencer in question has been associated with several sponsors that have raised concerns among their audience, both on their primary channel and on their social media platforms.

Presently, the influencer chiefly focuses on sharing their personal life through their content.

How Much Money Does RiceGum Make from His Music?

According to industry reports, RiceGum has accumulated a net worth of approximately $406,701 through his Spotify streams to date.

As per industry standards, Spotify pays its artists an average of $0.004 per single song stream.

RiceGum’s top tracks have garnered over 101,657,407 streams, indicating a significant amount of revenue.

Furthermore, with a monthly listenership of over 80k, it is reasonable to assume that the YouTuber has established a reliable source of income for the foreseeable future.

How Much Money Does RiceGum Make from Twitch?

According to reliable sources, RiceGum’s monthly earnings are estimated to be approximately $21,000.

Despite having a substantial subscriber base of over 1-2 million followers, he only boasts around 8.4k subscribers on Twitch.

However, should all these subscribers opt to pay the minimum subscription fee of $2.50, it would amount to the aforementioned monthly earnings for RiceGum.

Presently, Twitch is one of the most frequently utilized social media platforms by RiceGum.

How Much Money Does RiceGum Make from Youtube?

Throughout his successful career, RiceGum has earned approximately $11,340,000 solely from his YouTube channel.

It is worth noting that in the past, YouTubers received higher compensation per 1000 views than they do presently.

Considering the maximum rate of $18 per 1000 views and multiplying it by the total number of views RiceGum has accumulated, it is not difficult to envision him earning $11 million.

Although the current compensation system has changed, RiceGum’s impressive earnings over his YouTube career remain a testament to his success.

How Much Money Does RiceGum Make from Sponsors?

RiceGum reportedly received a payment of $100,000 for endorsing a sponsor.

However, the deal ultimately turned out to be fraudulent, and as a result, his net worth has suffered.

Prior to this incident, it is estimated that he had earned approximately $400,000.

Additionally, RiceGum had a promotional agreement with Monster Headphones, as well as an appearance in a Super Bowl commercial, but the specifics of these arrangements are not widely known.

What’s RiceGum’s Net Worth?

RiceGum net worth is 8 million dollars.

Despite previously having a successful YouTube channel, RiceGum’s current lack of consistent video content and absence of supplemental income, such as merchandise sales, suggests a decrease in his net worth.

Furthermore, with no immediate plans to release new music videos, his estimated net worth is likely to continue to decline.

It is important to note that all net worth calculations were based on publicly available information.

RiceGum Net Worth FAQ

Did RiceGum go to college?

RiceGum, whose real name is Bryan Le, attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) for a brief period but dropped out to focus on his YouTube career.

Is RiceGum Still Rich?

Yes, RiceGum is still rich. Currently, RiceGum has not been active on his Twitch channel, which bears the same name as his YouTube channel, for a significant period of time.

It appears that RiceGum has taken a hiatus from the public sphere.

What Is RiceGum Salary?

At present, the exact figure of RiceGum’s net worth remains undisclosed.

However, sources suggest that it has been as high as $200,000 per month in the past.

It is difficult to accurately estimate his current net worth as no official statement has been made by RiceGum regarding this matter.

Is RiceGum a Billionaire?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it is difficult to determine RiceGum’s exact net worth because he stopped creating any content.

However, it is widely believed that he is not a billionaire.

According to various sources, RiceGum’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million to $10 million.

So RiceGum is not a billionaire but a millionaire.

How has RiceGum’s controversial content affected his reputation and fan base?

RiceGum’s controversial content has had mixed effects on his reputation and fan base.

On the one hand, some of his fans appreciate his bold and unapologetic humor, which often involves roasting other YouTubers or making fun of trends and memes.

However, many others have criticized him for crossing the line with his content, including insulting and degrading comments toward individuals and groups and promoting offensive stereotypes and language.

The backlash against RiceGum’s controversial content has negatively affected his reputation and fan base.

He has been called out by other YouTubers, social media influencers, and the mainstream media for his offensive content, and some of his videos have been removed or demonetized.

How did RiceGum become famous on YouTube?

RiceGum became famous on YouTube by creating content focused on roasting and dissing other YouTubers and creating reaction and commentary videos on trending topics.

His controversial and sometimes offensive content gained attention and helped him gain a large following on the platform.

In conclusion, RiceGum’s rise to fame has been controversial and polarizing.

While he has faced criticism for his behavior and content, there is no denying that he has amassed a huge following and achieved a level of success that many aspiring YouTubers can only dream of.

It will be interesting to see how RiceGum’s career evolves in the coming years and whether he will continue to generate controversy or reinvent himself in new ways.

Regardless of what the future holds, there is no doubt that RiceGum has left its mark on the world of online entertainment.

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