Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off? (ANSWERED)

Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off

It’s normal to run into some issues the longer you use your Xbox.

One minor issue that often affects Xbox controllers is that they keep shutting off when you’re playing a game or if it’s linked to a console.

If you are wondering why your Xbox controller keeps shutting off, you are on the right page.

So, why does the Xbox controller keep on switching off?

Your Xbox controller can shut off if it’s not in the given range for receiving and sending signals. Additionally, your controller may be experiencing issues with the battery, and it may require recharging or replacing. You should move the controller close to your console, change the batteries, twist the controller’s body gently, or do a power cycle or reconnect your controller if it doesn’t work.

There are several easy, additional fixes to this issue.

We’ll explore many of them in this article; however, it would be great to learn the causes for your controller shutting off before moving on to the solutions.

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Why Does Your Xbox One Controller Keep Shutting Off?

There are various reasons your controllers may frequently disconnect from the console.

Let’s discuss the causes, from the highest to the least probable.

This is meant to make it easier for you to find a workable solution by eliminating more probable reasons first.

1. Your Xbox One Controller Keep Shutting Off Because It May Has Range Issues

So, the highest typical issue that affects wireless controllers is not staying in the designated range for receiving and sending signals from the console.

Your controller will probably disconnect itself whether you move around your home with it and get too far from the console’s cellular range.

Note the wireless range distance between your console and controller and ensure that you don’t move your controller outside this range if you don’t want the controller to disconnect every other time.

2. Your Xbox One Controller Keep Shutting Off Because It May Has Battery Issues

Your controller can constantly disconnect from your console if the batteries are weak.

You can look into the controller’s power levels through the battery icon on your Xbox’s home screen.

If the icon indicates a low battery, this could be the issue.

It would help if you recharged or replaced the battery set to solve the issue.

Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off
Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off?

3. Your Xbox One Controller Keep Shutting Off Because It May Has Hardware or Software Issues

At times, it may be challenging to locate the exact reason your Xbox controller shuts off, and experts recommend disconnecting, switching off, and restarting all devices exhibiting this problem.

You could apply two solutions when fixing controllers that keep shutting off: “reconnecting” and “power cycling.”

The correct way to work on this is shown below.

What Is the Reason Why My Xbox One Controller Keeps Turning Off When It Is Fully Charged?

Most users have experienced the same issue, but there wasn’t a simple fix available until now.

Microsoft provides a solution to the issue, which seems to have disappeared in newer controllers.

You should try the two solutions listed below if you have an old controller since the primary reason for the issue is unknown.

1. If Your Xbox One Controller Keeps Turning Off When It Is Fully Charged, Fix the Battery Compartment

Your controller’s design allows for extra room for your batteries, which may lead to disconnection when it’s slightly shaken.

The space was meant to provide the batteries with room to expand and contract as they come across temperature changes while being used.

You could utilize a tape or some other material (i.e., a conductor) to hold the batteries in place.

You could also use some material to fill up the extra space and prevent the batteries from moving.

Holding the batteries in place reduces instances where your controller disconnects and shuts off.

2. If Your Xbox One Controller Keeps Turning Off When It Is Fully Charged, Update the Controller’s Firmware

Next, you should update your controller’s firmware if taping the batteries doesn’t work.

Doing this could help since it may be something Microsoft may have working on because it’s not in newer controllers.

You should follow the simple steps below to update your controller’s firmware.

  1. Connect the controller to your console using the USB cable. You could borrow another controller if yours disconnects too frequently to do a proper update.
  2. Use the controller’s menu button to access the menu after signing in to the Xbox live account. Next, go and select the Settings option.
  3. Click “Devices and Accessories” in Settings and choose your controller.
  4. Choose the “Update” selection from devices and accessories’ new pack of options.
  5. Choose “Continue” and go through the on-screen guide to finish the update.

Following these steps will help update your controller that doesn’t shut down by itself.

What Can I Do to Prevent My Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself?

There are other more straightforward solutions you could try first other than updating your controller’s firmware.

As discussed in the article’s first questions, here are some fixes for more probable reasons.

1. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Reposition the Controller

You should move nearer to the console with your controller and see if it stops shutting down.

If the controller stops shutting down, you are too far from your console.

It would help if you tried using your controller’s wireless mode only if you are close to the console’s wireless field.

2. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Change your Batteries

You should also try changing the controller’s batteries to check if the behavior changes.

You could also charge your controller for a few hours if using a rechargeable battery pack.

Once it starts working, it means your controller was probably on a low battery.

Tip: You could try removing your batteries and positioning them back if the batteries are fresh.

Next, turn on your controller and use it as you usually do.

3. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Power Cycle the Xbox

You should follow the instructions below when everything fails to power cycle your Xbox.

  1. Long press the “Xbox button,” which is the huge button on our console with the letter X. You should do this for over 10 seconds, and your console will switch off. The console may beep to indicate that it’s been turned off/ on.
  2. Finish the power cycle by pressing the “X” button once again. Your Xbox will reboot again.
  3. The reboot lets all Xbox parts reset. Try reconnecting your controller and monitor for any behavior changes.

4. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Twist the Controller

This may sound like a strange idea; however, it has helped other individuals fix the controllers.

You should hold the controller and twist its body slightly in various directions.

5. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Disconnect then Reconnect the Controller

It’s possible that the controller doesn’t have any issues, only a glitch that happened when pairing it to your console.

You should follow the following steps to rule out the possibility.

First, you should unpair the controller:

  1. Ensure you have a PC or laptop, connect the USB cable to the controller
  2. Plug one other end of the USB into your computer.
  3. Look for a Sync button on the controller.
  4. Please press the button and Hold it for 2 to 4 seconds.
  5. Unplug your cable from your controller
  6. Now the Xbox controller is fully unpaired.

Now pair it back to the Xbox controller:

  1. Search on your Xbox for a sync button
  2. Press the button, and the X sign on your Xbox should begin flashing
  3. Turn on your controller and see if the button is flashing as well
  4. Look for a Sync button on the controller
  5. Press it
  6. If the controller X sign and Xbox are a solid white, it means that both devices are synced

6. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Try out a Different Controller

Suppose you’ve done everything you can and your controller behaves the same way; you should attempt using a different one.

You could get one from your friend and check whether it works. Your best alternative could be to buy a new controller.

If the controller doesn’t work, your console could be the issue, and you could solve it by reading the article below.

7. To Prevent Your Xbox One Controller from Turning Off by Itself, Call Xbox Support

You should contact Xbox support if all solutions listed above don’t work.

It would help if you connected with Microsoft or your seller to get the issue solved.

Your seller could replace your Xbox controller since this issue is mostly on their side.

Is It Possible for the Xbox One Controller to Turn Off on Its Own?

Your Xbox controller shouldn’t switch off on its own.

If your controller does this, it means it has an issue that’s causing it to shut down.

You need to read the few questions answered above if you want to see what the problem is.

However, be aware that your controller will go off automatically if it’s left inactive for too long as a result of the “auto sleep” option. The selection is preset for enabling.

How Can You Keep Your Xbox Controller from Turning Off?

To avoid automatic shutdown after your controller has been off for a long time, you should access the settings and change the auto sleep function.

Select “System” from the dashboard and select the “Auto Sleep” option. Disable this option to prevent your controller from turning off.

You can also adjust these settings:

  1. Select Profile and System
  2. Select Settings -> General
  3. Select Power and Start-Up
  4. Choose Turn off after
  5. Change the setting to Don’t turn automatically

What should I Do If My Xbox Controller Goes Idle?

You’ll need to press buttons continuously to keep your controller from going idle.

However, you can also disable the “Auto Sleep” option from the controller’s settings to prevent it from shutting down after being idle for too long.

To Summarize: Why Does Your Xbox Controller Keep Shutting Off

Your controller is vital to your gaming experience, and it may be ruined if the controller doesn’t work correctly.

At times, the fault may be with the design, or it could be a fixable issue.

You could fix your controller and keep it from shutting off if you follow the simple steps above.

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